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The kitties seem to be much happier to be home. I miss Shawn, but I'm settling back in, trying to clean things up in preparation for the unpacking. Shawn set up the back seat so kitties didn't have to be caged on the way up the hill, but that means that we didn't have room to bring most of our stuff back yet. One of these days.

Yesterday, my friend, Tad, called to make sure we were okay. Turns out he'd just been hired as National Issues Advisor to the Kucinich campaign. We talked a bit about campaigns and agreed that, regardless of "electability," it's important to work to promote what you believe in. If nothing else, if Kucinich becomes a big enough factor, his progressive take on issues and policies may be able to influence some of the Presidential discussion. After all, how are we supposed to actually make things better unless we work for it?

The absolute best news I've gotten recently is that my currently 6 ft/230 lb husband was only 7 1/2 lbs when he was born. I'm incredibly relieved.


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