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We can go home.

This is a good thing, especially since the cats have finally come out from under the bed and are tearing the room apart.

And yet, I'd gotten used to the idea of Shawn going to school in the morning and coming home to me every single night. I'm really going to miss that.

The weekend's been good, though. Shawn and I drove out to Brian and Amy's Halloween/Dia de los Muertos party where we got to eat great food, hang out with friends, and decorate sugar skulls. Lisa and Greg (dressed as a spork) were there, and they'd dragged along Kenny, who showed up as, well, Greg. We thought that, to fully complete the setting, Greg should have therefore come as Aaron, but saner minds prevailed. Oh, and Mike Tice was there as Agent Smith, which he clarified was from the first Matrix movie and therefore didn't need my suggested entourage of cardboard cut-outs following him about. (Side note: isn't it interesting that, in this picture, Greg has turned into Lisa?)

Saturday, we spent gaming -- or, more accurately, Shawn, Gallivan, the St. Laurents and the Youngs played a GammaWorld session run by Eric while I kibitzed from the couch.

Today, the family is getting together to celebrate October and November birthdays. I bought cards for everyone -- really! They're just, um, on my craft table in Big Bear.... Oh, well. At least Shawn reminded me to pack the Halloween costumes.


Hey! The leaves are sticking to my suckers!
A very loud and whiny Sean Young, playing a mutant octopus, winning the award for Worst Attempt at Concealment upon critically failing a stealth roll

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