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I have got to get myself a different OB.

My initial feeling of disquiet was during my first visit, when I was asking the doctor about C-sections (I have a history of cysts and whatnot, among other quirks and issues): timing, how things are decided, what arrangements would be made if it were deemed necessary, etc. He answered briefly, and when I explained that I like preparing for a worst-case scenario so I don't get nervous about it, he waved me off and told me not to worry about it.

Okay. Maybe he thought I was really concerned and he was trying to reassure me. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Then we had the appointment this past Tuesday, and two red flags were tossed between us. The first was when I said that I was concerned about having the amnio done too soon, and were there any potential problems with having it done too late, because I was wanting to schedule for December 19th.

He laughed dismissively and told me that I can't just schedule something like that; it has to be done when they tell me it needs to be done. The best time to do it was at 16 weeks. Then he started expostulating that if I wait too long, it won't be any good because the cells won't grow anymore.

  1. FYI: I counted before I asked. December 19 is 15 1/2 weeks from date of conception. If they actually consider that to be my 17th week of pregnancy (and if that week actually does make a tremendous amount of difference), then I would have to make arrangements accordingly. But don't assume that I don't give a damn about a gestational calendar and I just willy nilly choose dates at random to fit my frivolous lifestyle.

  2. I did ask if there were concerns about having it done too late -- that was, after all the question I had asked! I appreciate when my questions are answered with information, not by implying that I'm a silly, stupid little girl who doesn't know what she's talking about.

Then we had the second problem. As I mentioned before, my original ultrasound was scheduled for November 1, but due to the evacuation, obviously we couldn't get it done. What I didn't mention was that I rescheduled for November 8th and found that, when I got there, they had no paperwork for me, and they couldn't perform the test.

I was heartbroken. I burst into tears. I hadn't been told that I needed paperwork, and the clinic was closed on Saturday, so I couldn't get it straightened out. I rescheduled (again) for Friday and called the clinic on Monday to get the paperwork and change my doctor's appointment to next week so that we could go over the sonogram results. I was told that they couldn't do that: they couldn't use the same order (which was in my file at the clinic and would have been sent to the hospital on the 1st if we'd been there), and they had to set up the appointment within a seven day period of seeing me. It's all been incredibly frustrating, because a really big priority is to have Shawn there for the first ultrasound, which really limits our options for appointment days.

So we're now back to the actual doctor's visit. I tell him briefly about the difficulties we've been having having the ultrasound done, and he chastises me for continuing to put it off, warning me that if I wait much longer, it won't be any good at dating the baby's age.

  1. Excuse me? Where the hell do you get off blaming me for the fact that your staff never told me I needed paperwork in order to have my ultrasound performed? It's been traumatic enough without getting crapped on by my supposed caretaker!

  2. Date of conception: September 2 or 3, 2003. Age of baby: 10 weeks (or 12 if you're adding those two pointless extra ones). Expected Due Date: May 26 or 27 (or anywhere within a week or so in either direction, but those dates are 38 weeks from conception.) Why won't anyone believe me?!?

I am a pregnant woman. I refuse to take crap from anyone, and I am going to fire this jerk's ass.

Of course, there is the problem that he is the only OB in Big Bear, but, since Shawn and our friend Mike drive up and down the hill regularly and my grandma loves having me visit and my boss is incredibly accomodating (she told me that, if it weren't for knowing that the school district would have a cow, she'd have no problem with my bringing the little one in to work until he/she became mobile), it's not an insurmountable problem.

It's time to start shopping.


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