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(Disclaimer: the Where's Waldo? hat was Shawn's idea.)

So, yeah, apparently there's actually someone living inside me now. A gymnast-type someone, if the flips we witnessed are any indication. (Wee! Wee! flip flip arms/legs/whatever/curl up the other way, suck thumb.)

Here's the interesting part: as far as Shawn and I are aware, date of conception was September 2nd or 3rd. That would put me at 10 1/2 weeks since conception or, in Weird Pregnancy Calender Terms, 12 1/2 weeks pregnant. The doctor seems to think I'm 13ish weeks pregnant. The radiologist says I'm 14ish weeks pregnant with an expected due date of May 14, not May 26.


Then I talked to Dad, who asked if I'd been using the Alpha-Stim. Since I can't take drugs, that little machine has been my life-saver when dealing with headaches, depression, stress, insomnia, etc. etc. So yes, I've been using it pretty regularly.

Turns out that there's evidence that use of the Alpha-Stim has been shown to aid the body's healing capabilities, where wounds heal faster and more cleanly than without. Dad also mentioned some other stuff I don't remember, but it boils down to there being a chance that use of the Alpha-Stim might actually aid fetal development.


So, I figure, if I continue to plug myself in on a regular basis, I should give birth sometime in, oh, say, February. I'll keep you posted.


Hey! Stop poking me!
-- Incipient Heslin

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