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On resolve
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I heard a great story on a podcast I was listening to a week or two ago (I think it was Derek Rydall):

A man was sitting with an old woman whom he had sought out for advice on his path. After giving him information, the woman said, "Now, please make a decision."

He said, "I have decided to go that way," pointing to the eastern road.

She smiled and said, "Ah, I see. Now, please make a decision."

Confused, he said, a little more loudly, "I'm going to go that way."

She still smiled, nodded, and repeated, "Please make a decision."

Now irritated, the man got up. "Forget this," he thought to himself, and he started walking toward the eastern road.

The woman's smile broadened. "Yes!" she said. "Thank you for making a decision."

I haven't thought much about resolutions this year. But I have been cleaning my kitchen.

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