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Things that inspire
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This was originally a comment over on MaryAnn McKibben-Dana's blog made in response to the question, "What inspires you?" It made me happy thinking of these things, so I decided to share it here.

Starting my day with my ritual hike through my hilly neighborhood, listening to and feeling a vibrant meditation on the power of light and love and forgiveness. This morning, the wind was strong and cold, but it invigorated me, cleansing my heart as the rising sun cast rainbows across the windblown spray of lawn sprinklers.

My husband's new energy and drive to transform our house into a home, diving into projects to make it beautiful and welcoming; and the way that our connection and support of one another continues to deepen and grow.

Having a buddy system with a close friend to help stay on track with my day, my goals, and my journey -- someone who not only acts as sounding board, but who sings my song back to me when I have forgotten the tune. The synergy of our interaction lifts us both, because those times that I help him find his path so often helps me find my way, as well.

Drinking Tazo's Joy tea, feeling the essence of the name seep into me. :D

Listening to great music as I do dishes, dancing through my domesticity.

Stepping gently off my driveway into the patch of "weeds" along it, filling the air with the scent of crushed mint and an explosion of teeny little grasshoppers.

Reminding myself to breathe, and that everything is okay, even the awkward and imperfect and messy bits.

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