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ONE FOR SORROW and a couple questions
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I finally got around to reading ONE FOR SORROW, the first of the John the Eunuch books by Mary Reed and Eric Mayer, and was glad I did. I've had trouble with historical mysteries before - I often have felt like the setting has become more important to the author than the story.

Not so with this book. It's a solidly plotted book with great characters, headlined of course by John himself. Anatolius, Isis, and Felix are all very real people to me, and so were Thomas, Cornelia and Europa, though they don't appear to be continuing characters. (I could see room for any or all of them in potential future stories, of which there are plenty for me to enjoy.) And the city and the time frame were brought to life for me as a reader in a way that a lot of the historicals I've attempted have failed to do. (For example, I've not been able to get through the first of Ellis Peters' books yet. But perhaps I'll give it another try after reading this one.)

I have a couple of questions, and maybe Eric will answer them if he has time, in my comments section, or elsewhere if he chooses.

1. Is there a "known" historical figure who was Lord Chamberlain to Justinian, or is there a gap in history that allows the authors to create the character of John? In other words, could someone do extensive research and later say, "Good story, but the ACTUAL Lord Chamberlain was Paulius, or Georgius", or something like that...

2. Is there a legend about Ahasuerus or someone like him who was cursed by Jesus as he hauled the Cross across the city? I don't remember anything in the Biblical accounts of a character like him. How about such a person as a guardian of the Grail? I've always thought it was entrusted to Joseph of Aremethia (sp?) but that's probably from the Arthurian legends. I don't know that the Bible says much about it, but I could be wrong...

3. Any precedent or stories that would support a Knight from Camelot going into the Justinian Roman Empire? Did the quest for the Grail leave England in Arthurian legends?

Sort of silly questions, perhaps, but they came to mind as I was reading.

Looking forward to TWO FOR JOY.

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