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Enjoying my Kindle
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I have not been using my (or more accurately, the kids') Kindle much in the last year. I don't know why - well, I sort of do - I've just had more than enough print books to occupy my diminishing reading time. But lately I've been looking into the nuts and bolts of publishing, and noted that a bunch of stuff is available for Kindle when it is independently published (often by the author), and at a price that's more affordable than the paper versions. Add in the fact that I really don't have room for the books I already own, and the Kindle becomes a little more attractive for those books I want to take a chance upon.

One of them was Tim Pratt's BROKEN MIRRORS, the next book in his Marla Mason series. Originally published as a serial novel, supported by donations, it has been available through Amazon for a considerable amount of time. The e-book was 5 bucks, I think, which is very affordable for a quality novel. (The print version is priced around 12 bucks, I think.) I got to read it, and don't have to store it in the basement after I finished it. That's a plus.

Because of my experience with Pratt's work, I also bought his SF novel, THE NEX. I admit that part of the reason I took a chance on this one was because of its price point - 99 cents. I mean, who could resist? I didn't even have to move as it was "delivered wirelessly via Whispernet", whatever that is. So far, it's reading well.

I also bought Annetta Ribken's NOT NICE AND OTHER STORIES, for $2.99. A lot of stories for three singles. I have read a few and am enjoying them for the most part. Anyone who has read Netta's blog here or at WordWebbing knows the style these short short stories (flash fiction) are written in. It's a fun style!

I hope Tim Pratt and Netta Ribken are both successful in their writing endeavors. They deserve to be...


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