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What you love...
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Someone recently said to me (and others, I think) "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."

Interesting quote. I've heard something similar, but when this man said it, he was saying it in relation to himself, saying he didn't "work", but he kept busy doing what he loved. Then he said that.

I've heard "Write what you know." Presumably if you do this, you'll have plenty to write about, and you'll write well and accurately about it. I imagine this is true. I even wrote a blog entry on just what the heck it was that I actually know some time back, but couldn't find it when I went looking. Trouble is, maybe the stuff you know isn't the stuff of interesting tales.

So, do I do what I love? Well, I like dentistry, but I can't say I love it anymore. I enjoy about 75% of my patients. I am fine with another 15-20% of them, and that last 5-10% I tolerate. I can't say I dislike any of them, but I don't exactly love them all.

I do, however, love to play music. Not as much as many of my friends, but I have a great time when I do it with a good bunch of guys. I miss it; I haven't played in almost a year now in my own jam room. (I did get to go up to Door County in Wisconsin last year and jam with a bunch of my friend's friends last September....hoping to do it again this year.)

I love to read. I wish I could just dedicate my day to reading sometimes. I wish I could make a good living at it.

The problem with both of those loves is that while I'm a good musician, competent on a handful of instruments and vocals, I'm far away from "good enough" to make a career of music. And I love to devour stories, but I'm not a very good critic; I like most everything in some degree or other. That's good if reading for enjoyment is the goal (which it is). Not so good if you were wanting to write reviews or something and actually make money from reading.

I love to write, but it's hard to get myself started often. I go back and read many of the stories I've written, the novel-length projects I've started, and I think, "These are pretty decent!" But I am not so good at figuring out where to go with the stories. I have so many unfinished projects out there. I just don't know what to write in those stories NEXT.

I suppose I'll continue doing what I like, and making money at it, until I get enough money put away that I don't have to do it anymore. Then I'll do what I love - more music, perhaps open a brick-and-mortar bookstore, and much more writing. I hope.


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