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Spec Weekend II
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So, besides book covers, how was Spec Weekend?

Well, it was fun.

Songs were played. Especially Beatles songs. And many original ExitSpecialist songs were attempted.

Food was eaten. Especially eggs. Eggs were the staple of breakfasts. Eggs mixed with peppers, with cheese, with mushrooms and onions, with leftover potatoes and leftover bratwurst. Eggs with okra. Eggs were a good start to each day!

A&W Root Beer was drunk, mostly by me. A case was purchased, and 6 cans were left. I probably drank a 12 pack of Root Beer over the weekend (Wed to Sun).

Actual beer was drunk, also. Not so much by me. Leinenkugel, Sierra Nevada, Bells, New Glarus Spotted Cow, and some Becks Light were supplemented with Hamms and Blatz. Blatz is bad. Hamms is better, but not by a whole lot.

More songs were played. There is an app for the iPad called "UltimateGuitarTabs" or something like that, which allows one to call up lyrics and chords for tons of songs. We were unable to stump the app by finding a song that it didn't have. So we hit all sorts of odd tunes. Even Smoke On The Water. Even Won't Get Fooled Again.

Logs were split, and fires were burned. Nice fires, fueled with cedar from downed trees (downed by storms last summer). Fires were built by the grill and by the beach which is on Green Bay.

Scooters and an ATV were ridden. (But not by me.)

Finally, more songs were played.

Somewhere in there, we all got a little sleep. I got some reading done. (I finished ENGLISH LESSONS while there.) Some DVD's of the Beatles were watched. But otherwise the TV was not on.

A good time was had by all. (Five of us, all tolled...)


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