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Woohoo! So--here we are. People (well, okay, my brother, who is almost my only reader and thus has a VERY privileged input status) have been suggesting for a while that I switch to a real-live journaling program to manage my entries, and I liked Tim Pratt's JournalScape journal so much that I decided to do the switch-over. So: I'll do a real entry later, but for now, I'm inviting comments on the color, the layout, and even the move itself. Good? Bad? If anyone besides Dave or Patrick comments, I'll be surprised but delighted.

As you'll notice, I've gone through and inserted all my old journal entries into the program, so you can find them by clicking on the archives for July and August. (Hey, I know how to waste time!)

In the meantime, I'll go pretend to work on my thesis.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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