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Ah, procrastination...
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Ah, the power of procrastination. I will do anything to avoid my 'real' work. (Or, as a postcard I saw this weekend read: "How sweet it is to do nothing, then rest afterwards.") So my two goals today are:

1) Read/skim a relevant academic book for my thesis. (There are many candidates sitting on my library-book shelf...unfortunately, they're all incredibly dry and uninteresting, this time round.)

2) Revise the synopsis of Dark Talent so that it'll be ready to send out with the first three chapters to an agent.

So. Guess what I've done today instead? (Besides the obvious hours of internetting.)

1) Washed all the dirty dishes

2) Cooked a full baked meal for lunch instead of having a sandwich.

3) Washed up yet more dishes.

4) Taken out all the trash.

5) Swept every hard surface in the house

6) Cleaned the bathroom, including (gasp!) scrubbing the toilet.

This is so not me. I feel like an alien fem-bot has taken over my body. Which is not to say that the house is--oh, what's the word?--clean...but at least it's now solely a mess of scattered papers and books, instead of an actual hygiene crisis.

But I'm still not ready to get back to work.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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