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And, oh yeah...
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...I'm now a Web Rat! This is too cool! I have been addicted to those journals for so long. This may be the ultimate proof of my geekiness, but I am so psyched to be one of them! (And who am I trying to fool, anyway? I'm a fantasy writer. Of course I'm a geek!)

When I found out last night, I celebrated by writing Chapter Six and part of Chapter Seven of Queen of Thorns. (This is slightly less impressive than it might sound, since it's a kids' book, and each chapter is about 4-5 pages.) Then I did a Happy Rat dance.

Now I've just gotten back from taking Nika on a long lovely walk down a country footpath, where she got to have fun playing with other dogs, and (when there weren't any other dogs to distract her) I got to get exercise by chasing after her, yelling, "No! Leave the horse poop alone!" Oh, what a classy pair we are.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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