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yet again
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Yet again, I've OD'd on web journals and market discussion topics. Oh well. On the positive side, I sent out another story (bringing my total to 13 stories currently out) and put together my submission packet for Dark Talent. On the negative side, I realized at the last moment that my story "Teardrop" is 500 words too long to send out to the MOTA anthology. Aaargh. This is bad. The thing is, "Teardrop" is a high-fantasy story (which is bizaare for me, as a writer--it's my only one), and while I think it's an interesting type of high-fantasy (taking off on the Ellen Kushner/Paula Volsky lines), there seem to be damn few markets for high fantasy in short fiction. I've sent it to Realms and Black Gate already, so....what do I do with it now? Abandon it? I might, but it's so frustrating to do that after only 2 or 3 submissions, especially when I like the story. Even the semi-pro markets for high fantasy seem to be closing down all over the place. Darn it, it's a popular genre for novels--why not stories? I love lit stories and contemporary fantasy/"Mythic Fiction" more than high fantasy, but still....

Oh well. Maybe I'm just irked because I would have hit a new high in submission numbers, taking myself to 14 stories out, if it had been eligible for MOTA. And of course I'm irritated at myself for not having noticed the length restrictions earlier. And it's rainy and cold outside. Bleagh!

On the good side, Nika's curled up, soft and warm on the couch, and BBC Radio 3 is playing gorgeous soothing music, and I'm due for my second latte of the day. So, hey, things could be a lot worse.

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