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Raindrops keep fallin' on my head...
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The sky sprinkled over me all the way to the village shop and back this morning, but it didn't dampen my mood. My thesis meeting yesterday went super-well, Patrick and I had a great evening out, I started out today with a wonderful long international chat with one of my best friends, and when I got online today, I found a nice email from an editor waiting for me! (Not an acceptance, sadly, but an "I like it and am sending it on to the next level".) Woohoo! Good day.

Which is all good as consolation for the fact that I am shockingly bereft of espresso coffee grounds for the next four days. Aack! It's back to filter coffee. Narration: "Can she make it?????" Ah, it's a good thing I'm still a hardy Michigan girl at heart. Those long snowed-in winters teach you to be tough when Life Challenges like this one come along.

And I just finished re-reading Blue Shoe, by Anne Lamott, which is a wonderful comfort novel. Her characters are so neurotic in the most reassuring possible way -- i.e., we're all this crazy! And it's fine! My favorite line, hands-down, was: "She was sick of her worried, hostile mind. It would have killed her a long time before, she felt, if it hadn't needed transportation." I love Anne Lamott. If you haven't read this book yet, do it!

Now back to the thesis.

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