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Okay, I admit it--I have no excuse for that title. I just like it. But it's my journal, so what the heck! :)

So, yesterday I did something completely bizaare for me. I was social! For about two hours in the afternoon! And it felt good! Whoa. And I got a ton of thesis work done, because I was feeling so much happier. You wouldn't believe how many theories I'm now formulating about Mozart's "Cosi fan tutte"! (Or maybe you would, those of you who know me well. But don't worry, I won't inflict them on you! At least not here.) And Nika was in ecstasy. A visitor to jump on and sniff! Woohoo! And then a walk! A dog's life doesn't get much better than that.

So, I'm feeling remarkably cheered today, despite the fact that I've (pretty much) given up on getting any of those responses I've been waiting for. I've changed my method of receptivity and am now just thrilled not to have gotten any rejections in the postal mail this morning. Hey, that means everything's still being considered...unless, of course, the postal strike in London is just holding things up. Erk. But I won't think about that one too much!

In the meantime, I've fixed (I hope) the problems in Chapter Ten of Queen of Thorns and am sketching out Chapter Eleven, while thinking in a minor but worried way about the next short story I'm due to begin on Saturday, for the Great Short Story Challenge. (My thoughts so far run, roughly, along the lines of: "Eep! Eep! Eep!" But I'm sure something will come through....)


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