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alchemical fun
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Today I started Story No. 3 in the G.S.C. (Great Story Challenge). It's got Mozart, alchemy, great music and weirdness, and I'm trying very hard to shut down the anal-retentive scholarly part of my brain for it! I love writing historical fiction, but when it comes to the history of music and characters from music history (especially from "my" period), my two careers start to get twisted up in my head! Suddenly I get massive guilt feelings about messing with history...but what the heck. It's fun! And why not? (And I make up for it with an obsessive compulsion not to contradict anything I actually know to be true about Mozart and his circle, etc.)

I started it this afternoon at (yes, it's the weekend, so) the cafe in Borders, which is our favorite writing spot in Leeds. I also read the new Terry Pratchett novel, Monstrous Regiment, which was distracting but great. Now I'm on to Natural History, a great science fiction novel by our friend Justina Robson. At the moment, it's only available in the UK, but it should be out in the U.S. within the next year.

Now it's evening, and I'm revving myself up to either finish Chapter Eleven of Queen of Thorns, go to bed, or just get sucked into petting Nika for an hour!

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