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Oh well
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Well, darn. I heard back on something big today, and...well. The good news is that, for a rejection, it was awfully nice. (Another MFR!) Best of all, she took the time to write a detailed explanation of why she hadn't accepted it. Since neither I nor any one else in my crit group had spotted the issues she pointed out, the feedback was really useful. Better yet, all the problems were all quite fixable, so I can and will address them before I send the story out again to someone else.

But...well, regardless. Darn darn darn.

I'm trying very hard to take it as encouragement that it did get so far with her.

Meanwhile, it's a freezing cold, rainy morning, and I'm sitting typing in our living room with the gas fireplace turned on high. Back to the thesis and the world of music for another work-week...and a new novel to write (as well as an old one to revise) in the evenings. Ho hum.

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