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Woohoo! The miracle finally happened--my student check actually arrived! (It's a month and a half late, which is why I was getting just a tiny bit doubtful about the whole thing....)

And I got a fun care package in the mail, and one of my most beloved relatives turned sixteen, and we finally unpacked the last of our boxes, and, and, and--!

It's been a good couple of days. :)

Yesterday we went to a really nice christening party for the baby of some new friends, and the whole thing was joyous and warm and wonderful. There's something really powerful about so many people coming together to celebrate one couple's good fortune, and the feeling of honest caring and happiness can feel almost intoxicating, rippling through the air.

It's such a rare experience--even when friends get together, it's often (usually?) to relax by venting out all the stresses and worries that clutter up our lives. I really appreciate that, and often it can feel life-saving, but wow. Celebration of our blessings does feel awfully good.

So Patrick and I are celebrating tonight. Nosterovya! (sp?) :)

PS. And of course we're making apple-banana bread. Did you really need to ask?

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