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Woohoo! Last night was Student Day, 20% off at Borders...which meant we could finally afford the DVD set I'd been drooling over for weeks: all 6 series of "Men Behaving Badly," a really wonderful British comedy series from the 90s. Patrick and I had rented a sampler video last year and loved it. And we figured that--without any good local rental shops--buying a big block of TV episodes made sense. Right? Months' worth of entertainment. Just one episode a night, and certainly not every night....

Well. Needless to say, we watched the whole first series (all six episodes) last night, and I am very very tired right now! We're now thinking that the DVD set might last us...oh...six nights? Maybe? But hey, that's still longer than any two movies, which would have amounted to the same cost.

And the episodes were really, really fun.

(NOTE: I've heard there was an American remake done, which was not at ALL the same thing. The original is way cool.)

So last night was great, and I'd managed to write the first three full pages of my thesis chapter during the day, which made me feel really productive. Now I just need to replicate that today...

...and Patrick and I have promised each other to start watching Series Two much earlier tonight than we started Series One last night. So really, it's a much more reasonable way to spend the evening....

Damn, it's a good thing we don't own a TV.

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