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So I'm finally being productive--really!--but I am ready to kill my MS Word program. I so wish I had stuck with MS Word 5.0 or 6.0. I didn't make the big modernization changeover until a month ago, and I've regretted it ever since.

So--for any computer gurus out there--what do you do when the program auto-numbers your footnotes WRONG? I'm three pages into my thesis chapter, and every single footnote has been numbered "1" ! And when I try to over-type the real number (eg, "2" or "3") the character gives a little blurring struggle and then changes itself right back to "1". A minute ago, I got so frustrated I overwrote it with "2222222" and it came out as "1111111".

Aaaaargh. I so did not need this. Writing my thesis is scary enough without having to fight my word processor for it.

The good news is that I wrote Chapter 11 of Queen of Thorns last night, and today--woohoo!--is Student Day at Borders, 20% off everything, including coffee at the second-floor Starbucks. Now if I can just hold out until 6pm, when I meet Patrick there...and if I can restrain myself from dumping MSWord in the trash....!

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