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winter is here
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Well, yesterday was a gorgeous fall day, but today Winter Is Here. The ground was completely frosted over when I took Nika out for her first walk today, and an icy wind was sweeping across our hill. I need to buy a pair of gloves soon. (Patrick's very kindly lent me his, but that means he doesn't have any...must attend to this soon!)

But anyway--woohoo! Good writing news of a sort, although it's my academic, not my fiction writing. I've had a paper accepted for my first-ever professional academic conference, and it's in Oxford! I feel so cool. (Yes, I realize I'm a nerd. But so what?) Now I have until January to turn my 40-page thesis chapter into a 12-page conference paper. I won't start panicking until late December.

But oh, TV is bad for us. We don't own a real TV, and never will, because we have so little willpower. But just owning the complete 6-series set of Men Behaving Badly has been so so bad for us. (So much fun, too, I should add. But SO bad.) Needless to say, I didn't write any fiction last night. Oh, no. Because we had 3 episodes to watch.

Problem is, there are 36 episodes of this show on our DVD set! And they're all good enough that we'll want to re-watch them a few times (especially to make the cost of the set seem worthwhile). So when am I ever going to get any fiction writing done again?

(But last night they were really cool, funny ones....really....) (And let's face it. We're going to watch more tonight.)

Maybe we need an intervention.

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