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Woohoo! I just finished two more chapters of Queen of Thorns. This, of course, happened after half an hour of miserably staring down at my notebook, telling Patrick, Nika, and myself that I couldn't possibly write anything tonight, that I was way too tired and uninspired, that there was no use, because it just wasn't going to happen....

Well. Sadly, this is the kind of lesson I never remember until after successfully finishing a good writing session. At the unpleasant beginning, I rarely remember that, if I just stick at it long enough, I will usually break through. No, I generally just want to give up.

This is why it's so darned useful to be partnered with another writer! When I say, "I can't write," Patrick tends to roll his eyes. I find this incredibly useful. :)

In the meantime, I'm sending off the two new chapters to my brothers, and feeling pretty darned good. I'm finishing the day in a much better mood than I would have if I'd given up in the first half hour of miserable paralysis.

But I doubt that I'll remember this tomorrow night....

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