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There's a thick fog wrapping around Leeds today. Taking Nika on her morning walk felt like walking through a cloud. Icy water dripped down my face and hair, and we could only see a few feet ahead.

But it's a great day! :) This morning I got an acceptance for Issue #2 of Flytrap, for my flash fiction piece, "Hide-and-Seek." Eeeee! Much happiness in our cottage. Sadly, Patrick's off at work, but we're going to celebrate tonight when he gets home.

I'm really excited. I haven't read the first issue of "Flytrap" yet, but I love Tim Pratt's work, and the line-up of authors for Issue No. 1 was really impressive. And hey, this is just such great timing for a sale, after all the stress and worries of the past couple weeks. It's almost an anniversary--4 years since my last short story publication, in November 1999. I've definitely waited long enough to sell another story! :)

Now I need to spend the rest of the morning putting together an application for conference funding, just as planned last night....but I'll be in a much better mood for it than I'd expected to be! What a good way to start a Friday.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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