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dogs and other cool bits
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Mmm. I woke up this morning with the feeling that something really nice had happened. Swimming up out of sleep, I tried to focus on that feeling and figure it out. The house was clean...but no, that wasn't it...we'd gone out last night--yeah, that was related. Oh, yeah!

Very much happiness. Nice weekend. Thanks for all the congratulations! Yesterday felt a little bit like my birthday. :)

Patrick and I had a really great evening out at the Borders Starbucks. Blueberry-swirl cheesecake and a grande latte for me, new (October) issues of Locus (finally back on the shelves here after three months off! woohoo!) to look through.... In the middle of their interview with Jonathan Carroll, I found a really great quote:

"People often ask me why I write about dogs. Because I think they're minor angels. They give us full love, full forgiveness, and they're funny. What better definition of angel is there?"

Cool beans. I'm always pleased to find out that a high-profile, interesting author is also a dog person. An added bonus, definitely.

Today it's gray and rainy, but I just ventured out to the village sale at the historic schoolroom across the road. For twenty pence, I picked up a lemon-scented geranium with the seller's absolute promise that it was an excellent indoor plant and very very easy to take care of. We'll see.... I bought it in a hopeful mood. (This is always my thought with plants: "Maybe this time I won't kill it! Yeah!") I bought it outside the schoolroom, then walked inside to check out the jumble sale of clothes/books/scones/etc. It was massively crowded, but people kept seeing my plant and running up: "Is that a lemon-scented one? Ooh, can I smell it?" This plant is a minor superstar. I hope we can live up to it!

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