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Done done DONE!
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Yayyyy! At 4 pm today I dropped off the very last of the essay exams, along with the printed feedback sheets. That means I'm done with grading essays--done with exam invigilation--done with outside work--DONE! I felt so light as I walked away from the Music Building this afternoon.

Tomorrow I'll confront how far behind I've fallen on my thesis, over the past few weeks of paying work....

In the meantime, though, we're celebrating. We bought a frozen curry from Marks & Spencers, and ate it with lovely fresh Basmati rice. I typed in another four and a half pages of my novel, and the manuscript graduated to a bigger, fatter (and hot pink-and-yellow) folder. Too fat for the old one, nowadays (she said smugly). (Times like this, I really worry that the three-year-old in me is taking charge--I found it really important when folder-shopping on Sunday that I find one that was a cool, fun color. Ah well. If the bribes work, why not use them?)

Happy Monday, everybody.

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