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So, I'm done with all my external work, after two full weeks (including Saturday mornings) of invigilation and a packed four-day weekend full of marking hellish essays. So today, I can really get everything done that I've been having to put off, right? Right? Right???

God, no. I've slumped. So far today, I have managed to write (I finished Chapter Eight at the cafe this morning), I've printed out and sent a new, requested submission, I've washed some (but not all) of the dishes, and I've done a touch-up job on the bathroom. Yeah. Oh, and I took Nika for a walk with one of my friends, her dog, and her baby. That was nice. Actually, today has been a good day for hanging out with friends, since I had a lovely blueberry pancake lunch at another friend's house. But every time I stop socializing, my whole body slumps. Lord, I needed a real weekend! Right now our whole house seems to be caving inwards around me, threatening to suffocate me if I don't get the whole mess cleaned right now--and I just don't feel like I have the energy. So instead, I'm taking the opportunity to complain to everyone else. Sorry, guys :(

Oof. Patrick's getting his wisdom teeth taken out this afternoon, so I'm looking for nice soft things to cook for the next few days. (My main memory of having my own wisdom teeth out is that I ate nothing but Spaghettios for about a month afterwards. Sadly, those aren't vegan, so we won't be doing that.) Tonight, I'm making black bean soup. Any other suggestions? :)

Oh, and before I sign off, I really wanted to link to Greg van Eekhout's story, "Wolves Till the World Goes Down", at Ideomancer this month. It's a fun fantasy story that takes a nice perspective on Norse mythology. I liked it a lot. If you used to read the old Norse myths, you might like it too.

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