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binges, walks and crits
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Ho, hum. I'm feeling a bit down today, probably just because of tiredness. 6:15 a.m. comes earlier and earlier every week day...especially (cough cough) when we, er, somehow end up staying up a bit later than planned to fit in just one more Buffy episode and end up bingeing on them...Surely I wasn't really the one arguing to watch even more, was I? It must have been my evil twin, the one who doesn't like me to get enough sleep at night...

Oh well. I still managed to write 3-1/2 more pages of the new short story this morning, and I'm thinking a lot about how I'll rewrite Queen of Thorns. Thinking counts as work, right??? And I finally, finally finished the full novel crit that had been holding me up on social/writerly obligations, so I can move on to the pile of other cool stories/novels to read, crit, and enjoy. (That's the coolest part of knowing other writers--I get so much free literature, just for the price of my comments on it! It's almost too good. Feels like there must be a catch somewhere....)

I just got back from taking Nika on a hike with two human friends, one baby and one other dog. (Okay, the baby's definitely human, too...I didn't really mean that sentence to come out the way it did.) The baby and the dogs stared at sheep and cows, the dogs got to run around, and we three adults talked about revision methods, flexibility, and sequels. In another hour, I'm off to go grocery shopping.

Now would be a good time to get some work done....

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