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no rain in the title!
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Even though it's still raining outside....

Dinner last night was wonderful, of course. Gorgeously yummy calzone with goat's cheese, roasted vegetables and pomodoro sauce, lovely wine, perfect company.... :) Anniversaries are good things.

Other updates...hmmm...I'm past the halfway mark on my new story, which is good, and I got some nice comments on the last one ("Inside the Tower") and a nice positive crit on a novel to boost my confidence. I'm busily revising some older stories to send out again (darn it I hate it when I notice the major fix-its AFTER already having submitting to the biggest and spiffiest markets!), and I'm researching a modern issue (for once) for the next kids' novel, Water Witch. (And I'm getting mad about it, too! It's so much easier to cope with and process injustice and prejudice when it happened 200 years ago and didn't affect anyone I know....)

Not much is going on, apart from that. I continue researching my thesis. Wedding plans proceed apace. Etcetera. :)

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