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Chapter One of Sean Stewart's new novel, Perfect Circle, is up at Yay! Stewart is one of my favorite fantasy writers--probably my single favorite when it comes to contemporary fantasy--and I am really happy to get to read his work for no more cost than the patience to sit through a very reasonable human rights ad (to get my Premium Day Pass to Salon). I am definitely still planning to buy the full novel as soon as I can afford it, but until then, this is fantastic. Can't wait for Chapter Two, which is coming next week....

Patrick got home yesterday, hurrah, hurrah! Nika and I are much happier now. And I finished the new wolf story, which I feel deeply, deeply ambivalent about, but I won't whine about it here.... Ah well. It's only a first draft, and Patrick swears it isn't crap, whatever I might think about it....

Now back to thesis work!

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