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Yay! I got my contributor copies of Flytrap No.2 in the mail today. So cool. I've only read a few of the stories in there (apart from "Hide-and-Seek", that is, which I read in one fast, panicked gulp and then gloated over--the layout is so pretty! the typeface so nice!), but everything I've read so far has been great. Sein Klein, one of my Clarion West 2001 classmates, has a wonderful essay called "Firefly Champagne", and I love the tone of Sarah Prineas's "The Lambton Worm". And the paper is nice and thick, and the cover is great, and, and, and---!

Much happiness. Which is particularly welcome because the morning was filled with frustrating attempts to make a doctor's appointment. (I called one clinic from 9 am to 10 am and got busy signals straight through the hour, only to hear, when I finally got through at 10:15, that they were out of appointments and I should call back tomorrow.) It finally worked out beautifully, and I get to go to the nice local clinic this afternoon instead of waiting for days and days for a clinic in town, but it occasioned much gnashing of teeth along the way.

Meanwhile, though, I plan to settle down with my new bag of fresh Earl Grey tealeaves from Whittard's, warm up some scones in the oven, break out some of the homemade jam Patrick brought back from Bristol, and properly celebrate the arrival of Flytrap.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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