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A good morning
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It has been a very good morning, so far. The article (plus musical examples, abstract, and cover letter) is ready to print out and mail, right on schedule (and much earlier than I'd feared, last week). I'm listening to Hedningarna, The Best Band In The World (IMHO), and I've spent the last half hour puttering around my webpage, fixing messy links and adding the latest newsflash to each page. (Yes, it's a tedious way of going about it, but then, every time I actually have a newsflash, like a sale, to report, I'm happy enough not to mind the tedium!) I'm feeling SO much better physically than I did yesterday or the day before, and this morning I got back into a story I'd started a couple of months ago, "The Only One You Can Save." (I really like this story, so far--and I liked it at the time I started it--but in the middle of writing it the idea for Thief of Souls came roaring in and swept me away on a novel-writing mission for quite a while. Now, I'm slightly stuck at the opening of Part II of ToS, so it's a perfect time to get back into the short story.)

I'm so psyched about selling "Inside the Tower," it's unbelievable. Woohooooo! No more to say about that, really, except--wow! Very happy. A really good end to the week!

(And speaking of Strange Horizons, I should really mention that they're having a fund drive right now. They're a very cool non-profit organization, they pay pro rates to their authors despite the fact that their staff is made up entirely of volunteers, and--of course--they have excellent taste! So they definitely deserve some support. IMHO. Of course, at the moment I'm biased.)

In other news...hmm. It's nearly the end of the week! I finished my article several hours ahead of time! Life is Good.

On to more reading about eighteenth-century Istanbul...

Read/Post Comments (2)

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