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Maps and Corsets
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I've been having fun researching online lately (the lazy girl's way--no really, I'm checking myself up with lots of real books, too!), and I thought I'd pass on two fun sites. Patrick found me the first one, Historic City Maps, yesterday; I found the second one (while researching details for my Elizabethan fantasy story, "Ivy & Thorn") this morning: The Fashion History of Undergarments. Neither of them is detailed/thorough enough to count as All the Research You'll Ever Need, but they are both incredibly fun (at least to a history geek like me).

Between yesterday and today, I've written about 6 pages of my new short story, "The Only One You Can Save". It's a very different kind of story for me, and I'm excited about it. It's nice to stretch in new directions. (The useful thing about having sold those particular three stories over the past year is that all of them are completely different from each other! I've finally lost my paranoia about Figuring Out What Works And Sticking With It. My new theory is to Figure Out What I Think is Cool and Go With It To New Places.) (Whew. I'm a little sleepy, as usual, and I think my brain may be going a little wonky. Bear with me here...)

And in the meantime, we continue to pick fresh blackberries every day and make peach-banana smoothies as often as possible. I'm enjoying this autumn a lot. It can stay like this for a while...

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