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Last night, as I was heavily into last-minute, stressed-out filling-out of application forms (the last step of my preparation process for this particular job opening, after writing and rewriting--ad nauseum--a 16-page Summary of Research and rewriting two different articles), Patrick said, "Hey, you've got mail." And I did! I got my editing suggestions for "Some Girlfriends Can", from Strange Horizons. Woohoo! It's real! And I assume the publication must be fairly soon, since my rewrites are due back by Friday. I can't even express how intensely I wanted to just throw aside the whole application thingy and just immerse myself in happy rewrites all last night. Sadly, the due date for that wasn't till Friday, whereas the application needs to be sent out today...sigh... Sometimes even I can't rationalize the inexcusable. But I am really looking forward to getting down to the fun writing work tonight!

(Right now I'm sitting in the university computer lab, waiting for my payment on printer credits to go through so that I can print out 12 (!) copies each of my Summary of Research, articles, etcetera. This is going to fill up one seriously fat envelope!)

I finished Chapter Five of Music of the Stars this morning. It was a bit less satisfying than usual, because honestly, Ch5 is really just transitional material...but hey, it's still another chapter, and it's satisfying to watch the novel get steadily longer. (It's kind of like crossing a huge river by stepping-stone.)(But no, I'm not going to even try to push that image any further...)

Once I get my application package mailed out (before noon or bust!), it'll be time to start to salvage the wreckage of our house from underneath the gigantic pile of unwashed dishes and scattered academic papers that have descended upon it over the last week or so. But I'm definitely indulging in a brownie break, along the way!

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