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happy day
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It's been a good day. Which is astonishing considering how exhausted I was this morning when the alarm clock went off, and how much I've been dreading the specialist doctor's appointment I was scheduled for this morning. I dragged myself out of bed, we went into Starbucks (where I managed to write about 4 pages of Music of the Stars), Patrick went with me to my appointment so that I wouldn't curl up into a fetal position (my standard response to sitting in a doctor's office)--and the appointment went absolutely fine. No problems. In fact, one problem my normal GP had noticed turned out to be a misdiagnosis! Woohoo! Totally healthy! I can't even express how relieved I was to hear it, after the summer of irritating bad health I had this year. I almost danced out of the office. (Poor Patrick had had to sit for an hour reading not just trashy but out-of-date women's magazines in the waiting room. I think I may have been the lucky one.)

I phoned a friend and arranged to have a celebration coffeeshop trip this afternoon. Then I took the bus home and found an email telling me that my story may even run on Strange Horizons as early as next week. (It's not certain yet, but I love the idea!) It's been a really good day. And there's a bright blue sky outside, the air's cool and fresh after a night of rain, and Nika and I are all set to go jogging. What a good morning!

I've been having a mini-crisis of confidence on Music of the Stars lately, but Patrick and I had a really good talk about it last night, and now I'm feeling waaaaay happier and more confident about my writing in it. And I'm having fun with it, which is better yet. :)

Happy Thursday!

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