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Good news!
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The decision's been made--"Some Girlfriends Can" will run on Strange Horizons starting Monday! I am just ridiculously excited. Strange Horizons is my favorite spec fic magazine, and I've been wanting to get published there for the past three and a half years. Having sold two stories to it is one of the best things to happen to me this year.

(Obviously, since I just got married, I can't say that getting published there is the best thing that's happened this year... :) But it's still an Enormously Happy Moment for me.)

Everything else is going well, too. I celebrated the good health news yesterday by coffeeshopping with a friend and her toddler, and Patrick and I are looking forward to going to a birthday party on Sunday (for another toddler...who knew we would start getting invites to toddlers' parties again, once we hit youngish middle age? they are surprisingly fun, though). I've hit the 1/4 point in my novel (Music of the Stars) and am spinning my wheels frantically to catch up with myself. (My usual attack when writing is to throw in cool, mysterious random events through the beginning and then figure out what they meant afterwards...sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, but always leads to some panic in the middle!) However, I'm still having a lot of fun with it--my tribute to years of intense conservatory music training (and the equally-intense performance-oriented music boarding schools that so many of my friends and relatives attended as kids, and that I narrowly avoided).

Just finished my weekly online job search and found some more impressive post-doc fellowships opened up in scarily cool schools...knock on wood for me, everybody!

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