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Haircut, Newsletter, and Too Much Car Time!
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I finally got a haircut--hurrah! My hair had hit the middle of my back for the first time in years, and there was just Too Much of it. It's now layered between my chin and shoulder, and for the first 12 hours after the cut, I kept shaking my head back and forth just to luxuriate in the lightness of it as it swung around me!

Also, I finally buckled down and set up a mailing list system for my writing news--yesterday, when "Stitching Time" got published, I sent out so many emails letting friends know about it that my fingers got tired and I decided to go for long-term efficiency over short-term ease. So, bizarrely enough, I am now a Yahoo! Group (!), and anyone can sign up here to get a (very) brief monthly newsletter. I have to say, anyone who reads this journal regularly probably won't be surprised by anything on the newsletter (which is mostly meant for people who just click on my website out of curiosity), but still, if anyone does join, I'll feel less silly about the whole thing. (Right now the membership count stands at "2", and I'll bet you can't guess who those two people are...)

And today was just All About Cars. Bleagh. We had to take our (aging) car into the next town over for it to get its yearly check-up/certification of Roadworthiness. We thought it would take half an hour. When we dropped the car off, first thing in the morning, the people at the garage told us it would be ready in 2 hours. It turned out (after many, many phone calls and changes of mind) not to be ready until late afternoon. Gaarh. Now the car smells faintly of playdoh (why????) and smoke has been leaking out the front. We hope that's just because the garage guys spilled some of the oil when they were changing it...

The good news is that I spent this afternoon working solidly on my current thesis chapter, and wrote 1,000 more words of it. I should be finished with it (at LONG last) in two more sessions! Yay! The bad news is that, of course, I haven't gotten any fiction writing done, and my brain's feeling burned out enough to start leaking smoke itself.

Definitely time to watch some more Angel episodes...

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