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Stitching Time published!
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My story "Stitching Time" is up at The Fortean Bureau as part of their March issue. Hurray!!!! Y'know how every writer writes loads of different stories, loves them all differently but equally, etc., etc.? Well, if my stories were kids, "Stitching Time" is one of the ones that would be among my secret, guilty favorites. So I am super happy about this publication! This is my Northern Michigan historical fantasy/magic realism story, and in a nice coincidence, when I woke up this morning, here in Leeds we were in the middle of a mini-blizzard (and still are). I figure the local weather must be paying attention to my story...

It's been a good couple of days. Yesterday was mostly devoted to PhD-slash-Career Development stuff, but Patrick and I just took off last night to relax, ate a Marks&Spencer ready-made curry and played Traveler's Trivia. (I am only occasionally handicapped by the Britishness of this particular game in questions like "Who was the last manager AND star player in a UK football club?" ????? However, knowing me, I wouldn't be able to answer the sports questions even if they were about American sports.)

Today is a teaching day for me, but since it's the students' in-class essay midterm, I have nothing to prepare. Hurrah! A week off from reading 19th-century German philosophers is a good week in my books.

And this morning I wrote about 2 more pages of my new short story, having lots more fun with ex-fairy godmothers, Existentialism, and carpets. :)

The snow is so pretty out the window, I just wish I had a sled...but I should have plenty of fun playing in the snow with Nika later!


And I just have to add: there's a fantastic review of Patrick's latest Realms of Fantasy story, "Crab Apple", in this month's issue of The Internet Review of Science Fiction. You do have to register as a subscriber to read the reviews/articles, but for the moment, subscriptions are still free, so it's definitely worthwhile. The reviewer ends with the line: "Samphire really does a beautiful job with this short piece." And he's right! :) Happy happy household.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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