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Baby steps
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All my accomplishments today count as baby steps. I forced myself to go jogging today for the first time in over 2 months--hurrah! And it felt good, too, which somehow always manages to surprise me. As I walked back up the last hill on the way home, during my cool-down phase, oodles of well-being just rippled through me. I like jogging. Who'd've thought it? On the other hand, I really managed less than ten minutes of real jogging in the whole hour of exercise. But still, it's a good step toward getting back in shape. This afternoon, I'm going to attend a workshop on organizational issues in the last stage of a PhD. This doesn't in itself constitute a major accomplishment, but hey, it's a good small step toward one...

And I'm really enjoying the new (untitled) short story. This morning I paused in the middle of writing a scene. Everything in me wanted to make a really bad joke at that point. I thought, no, no, that's just too silly...and then I thought, oh, what the heck... :) It can always come out during the revision process, but this is my just-for-fun story, and writing down the bad joke made me giggle. Of course, during 7 a.m. writing sessions, my brain may not be entirely functional, but hey, I'm having fun.

Time now for an avocado to reward myself for jogging, and an early lunch before I catch the bus into town. Hurray for baby steps!

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