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End of Month
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Well, I have to admit to feeling slightly conflicted about writing an entry today, since I know it'll be wiped off the page bright and early tomorrow, with my next entry...but what the heck. Transience can be good! (So here's to making the rest of this entry as trivial and forgettable as possible...hey! I can talk about food and clothes and stuff! No, wait, I tend to do that anyway...)

It's been a really, really good month. The Lake District trip was the major highlight, of course, but getting healthy was a really good step :) and finishing the novel was such a rush. Still, I've found myself feeling impatient for March to arrive. Patrick and I will both have new stories published, relatives are coming to visit from America, and Patrick and I will be going to EasterCon, the UK's biggest SF convention, for the first time ever. I'm starting to get ridiculously excited about it. And okay, since this entry is going to disappear soon anyway, I might as well confess--I'm already trying to figure out what I'll wear to it! I've got one outfit pretty much picked out, but for the other days... For those of you who are going to WisCon, what's the dress code there? Plain jeans and T-shirts? Casually cool? High style? :) Gosh, I wish I didn't have to fill out girl-writer stereotypes so well... On the other hand, I feel like it's only since I hit my mid-twenties that I got any inkling of what dress style even was, or how I could pick out clothing that actually looked good on me--until then, I'd pretty much relied on hiding behind men's large flannel shirts and blinking out at the world from behind thick glasses and a shield of long hair. So I'm enjoying my late initiation into girliness.

This morning I didn't manage the 6:30 wakeup call with Patrick, but I did stumble down at 7 a.m. and join him for writing after all. I wrote another 2 pages of the short story I started yesterday, and so far, I'm really enjoying it. This is my just-for-fun story, so I get to throw in all sorts of quirks just to amuse myself. Bizaarely, this is often the kind of story that seems to work best for other people too...hmm. Must think on that.

Happy end-of-the-month, everybody. Can't wait for March!

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