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Brand new month!
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Well, it's a brand-new month, and I've finally (no, really, this time!) finished up my last Masks & Shadows revisions. (Well, apart from whatever Patrick points out to me in the next few days, at which point I'll tear my hair and wail "How did I not notice that?!?!?!"...and then fix it.) Very-happy me. Also very limp. And very ready to move on to a new novel! I'm debating about which novel-in-progress to work on for the rest of the day--Thief of Souls, my cloak-n-dagger historical Istanbul adventure, or Marrying a Demon & Other Terrible Mistakes, my silly chick-lit novel. Either way, I'm feeling happy.

Patrick bought the DVD collection of Firefly: the Complete Series last week, so we've been watching that most nights. We'd watched it once before (when we'd borrowed it from a friend), but the episodes are still smart and fun, and by far my favorite science fiction series from the past several years. (It sorta ties in my heart with Babylon 5, at least seasons 3 and 4, but I'm fairly sure that on an objective level Firefly probably wins.) Now I'm really looking forward to the movie Serenity--whenever it finally comes out in the UK! The date keeps getting moved back, irritatingly. Is that happening in the US too, or just in the UK?

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday in the UK--ergo, an official day off! Yay! Sadly, I'll still be working on my thesis (because I have a meeting on Tuesday), but at least Patrick will be home, and we'll try to do some nice stuff, too. And more writing! I'm feeling buoyed up by finally being done with revision (for a while, at least) and actually ready for brand new writing.

Outside, it's misty and cool and very pretty in a damp green way. Later, we'll take Nika either to the park or to the nearby fields to spin in big circles and chase down treats in the long grass.

Good times. :)

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