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Serenity Monday
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Today is the kind of day that makes a Bank Holiday really worthwhile. It's sunny, honest-to-God hot, at least by British standards (I'm wearing a short skirt for the first time since last September!), but with a lovely breeze to make the temperature bearable... Patrick and I just took Nika down for a long walk in the valley, walking alongside a stream to savor the breeze. Bluebells, daisies, forget-me-nots and flowering wild garlic lined the stream, and the grass and trees were all green, green, green, that lovely bright spring green. Even having to shampoo Nika afterwards on the sidewalk outside our house ('cause we don't have a bathtub) didn't spoil the mood. :)

We watched the trailer for Serenity last night, which inspired mixed feelings for both of us. I think I felt slightly more positive about it than Patrick did...but we were both depressed by the fact that the Wild-West-iness seems to have been faded out for the movie version, replaced by a blander, more standardized SF future and all the signs of a big action shoot-up. Which is not, to say the least, what I liked best about the series... but who knows, maybe the trailer isn't completely representative. Regardless, we'll definitely be going to see the movie in October, if only to grumble about the ways it's been changed from the series!

This morning I finished fixing the last niggling issues on Masks & Shadows that Patrick had pointed out, printed it out (at last!) and wrote two more pages of Thief of Souls (Chapter Seven) with a feeling of great freedom and release. A new novel! Hurray!

And now it's time to work on the thesis for a few hours. Not as much of a Bank Holiday activity, but necessary anyway.

At least my desk faces the (open) window, so I'll get to enjoy the nice weather anyway.

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