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No, don't worry, this isn't an entry about fleas! ;p

I'm just in one of those itchy moods today, a bit restless, unsettled, edgy... It doesn't help that I've sent out a lot of fiction submissions lately, and there's no way I'll hear back on any of them for a while. Oh well. Needless to say, instead of using my restless energy to be productive, I've been completely scatterbrained all morning. Still, this afternoon's class at the university is the last class of the term, and the last class I have to teach EVER! Woohoo! Ohh, that feels good.

Last night I ate strudel warm from the oven while I read the first 100 pages of Patrick's awesome new YA novel, The Sleepers. So Much Fun! He had to force me to do some work on my own much easier just to read/crit someone else's piece! (Especially when it's so good.) In the end, I only wrote about 130 words on Thief of Souls. But hey, they were good words. I hope.


A very encouraging note to remember, in my own job hunt process (taken from Gaines, Evening in the Palace of Reason, p.166):

"In the summer of 1722, when the job of cantor at the St. Thomas School and director of music in Leipzig presented itself, Bach was near the bottom of a list of twelve candidates. His friend Telemann, the favorite, took himself out of the running, as did two others; another could not win his release from court employment; and Bach, the only candidate without a university education, before a selection committee replete with doctorates, finally got the job almost by default. At the crucial meeting, one town councillor, Dr. Abraham Platz, concluded, 'As the best are not available, I suppose we must take one of the second-rate men'."


There's hope for all of us. :)

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