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So yesterday, after teaching my Last Class Ever (hurray!!!!!!!!!!), I did something I've been wanting to do since I was about 15, but have always been too nervous for: I got highlights put in my hair! (OK, I realize: for most people, this wouldn't count as Living Dangerously. But I'm a wimp! And I grew up with dread-laced horror stories of Hair Dyes Gone Wrong And Killing People.) (Seriously. Jackie Kennedy Onassis.) (Not to mention Striking Other People Gray Before Their Time. So there were some major issues at stake, for me, besides the natural fear of just, well, looking bad if the dye didn't work.)

I'd picked out the dye box on Tuesday (after waiting a whole month from the original idea, just to make sure that I really still wanted to), and yesterday I went straight from the university campus to the house of a generous friend. She twisted my hair up in foil until I looked like a Space Queen (which her 2-year-old, needless to say, thought hilarious--he kept running in, pointing, and giggling! and fair enough, I have to admit), I kept my hair up in its tinfoil crown for half an hour, stepped into a shower to wash it out, then dried my hair, breath in my throat, filled with hope and dread--

And woohoo! I LOVE my highlights!!!!!!!! My hair looks like all my fantasies. My natural hair color is medium-to-dark brown. Now, the top layer is a shiny light blondish-brown with reddish overtones, a fairly subtle contrast to the untouched bottom layer--but all of a sudden, I have honest-to-God color in my face!

I could go on for hours, but I won't. Suffice it to say--I luuurve my new hair! I keep sneaking peeks at it in the mirror. I can't count how many times I said "look at my cool hair!!!" to Patrick last night and this morning. He escaped to work at 8:30 a.m. today, just in time, probably.

But still...Cool Hair!!!!! :)

(I really wanted to post photos, but the batteries in the digital camera are dead. Soon, though...)

Buoyed up by my awesome new hair color, I wrote four new pages of my silly chick lit novel last night. (I was in the mood for it, needless to say.)

Talk about a way to forget about neurotic, obsessive preoccupations about writing/publishing issues...

Cool Hair! Yay!

(Ditzy but happy, that's me.)

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