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Heaven, Chick Lit, Etc...
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As Patrick mentioned, we went to see Kingdom of Heaven the other night, with low expectations. And it turned out to be great! Really fun, really absorbing, and very balanced. When I'd first heard the concept of the film, several months ago, I swore I wouldn't go see it, because I'd assumed it would be yet another post-9/11 piece of anti-Arab propaganda. Then, when the film came out over here, the reviewers all claimed that it was horribly biased anti-Western propaganda. Turned out, it portrayed good guys and bad guys on both sides, and overall--who'd've thought it?--acted like everybody involved was basically human. There were no angels, even including the hero. I liked it a lot, and we'll probably watch it again sometime, at least on DVD.

I'm racing ahead on the silly chick-lit fantasy novel, and having an awful lot of fun with it. It's now got two alternate working titles: Marrying a Demon (& Other Disasters) or Turning into Myrna. Hmm. Believe it or not, they're both thematic and pretty much appropriate. (Of course, the book begins with the heroine filing for divorce from the demon, but...) Any thoughts? Preferences???

In other news, yesterday there were good reviews of my "Stitching Time" and of Patrick's "Next" both published on Tangent yesterday, which was really neat. And...ermm...let's see...

Drat it. I must have done something more interesting lately...right? Well, maybe not. It's been lovely and sunny, at least, so we've had some lovely walks down in the valley with Nika.

No major Events, but it's been a good week. I'll take contentment over excitement any day.

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