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agents, Istanbul, and more...
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A quick link to start out with: Justine Larbalestier just posted a fascinating journal entry on the question of how to choose an agent (and what makes a good agent/writer relationship). As a couple of people know, this is a very topical issue for me right now... so, in other words, I found this really thought-provoking.

Our latest rental DVD from Amazon just arrived: City Guide: Istanbul. Hurray! More research for Thief of Souls. I'm looking forward to it, and hoping that it'll be good stimulation. (Ever since I started Marrying a Demon, I've been a bit lax on all my preparatory work for Thief of Souls...badbadbad!) Of course, someday maybe we'll even go to Istanbul to see it for ourselves...sigh. We've got so many plans for expensive travel once we become a two-salary household! Sadly, Patrick says we can't determine ALL our trips by where I want to set my next novels... ;p

In the meantime, I wrote about five more pages of MaD this morning (and thanks for the title votes, BTW!), taking my heroine through a malfunctioning smoke alarm, leftover curry takeaway Gone Bad, and--worst of all--a house call from a Lawyer From Hell. (Literally.) I am having So Much Fun. :)

Happy weekend, everybody!

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