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Rolling toward ‘better’...
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Well, the best news from the past two days is that--believe it or not--I’ve started to feel better, and so has Patrick. This lurgy has been hanging on so long now that we’ve been very tentative in noticing the improvements, in case we were just imagining them or we were about to have hideous relapses...but nope! So far, we really do seem to be getting steadily better, and what a nice feeling that is. I still spent a lot of this morning feeling woozy and having to rest, but I didn’t feel really sick even then, and I’m fine right now, and that’s plenty good enough for me.

Feeling better is, of course, making me particularly happy since we’re leaving for Glasgow and Worldcon tomorrow. Hurrah! We picked up the Itchy Guide to Glasgow at Borders the other day, and I’m already drooling over the prospect of all those independent coffeeshops. (There are none in Leeds. None! Luckily, I’m low-class enough to really like Starbucks lattes, but all the same...I’m psyched for the change.)

Yesterday I finished Chapter Four of the Fun Novel (now shifting madly between working titles -- Shadow Dance? Congress of Shadows? The-Novel-Which-May-Not-Be-Named????) and best of all, I’m really enjoying it. I’m on page 54 now, and the characters are all preparing for their first masked ball (at the Hofburg Palace), where blackmail, intrigue, and flirtations will be taking place. I’m looking forward to it...although probably (to be hopelessly realistic) not until after Worldcon. Ah well.

I don’t know if I’ll have any internet access over the next several days--we’re not getting back to Leeds until Monday night--but I hope everyone’s week goes well. (I’ll be catching up on Monday/Tuesday with all the email and blogs to find out!) Meanwhile... Glasgow-ho! :)

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