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Worldcon was awesome! I'd only been to one worldcon before (Philadelphia 2001), so I was super-psyched about this, and it turned out even better than I'd hoped. I got to meet some of my favorite writers ever, and--entering the realm of wild fantasy--some of them turned out to really like my writing too! A writer who's been one of my idols since I was a teenager recognized my name badge because she'd read Masks & Shadows and loved it (!!!!!!); another writer-idol who's also read it told me she'd give a quote for the cover when (if) it gets published. I was in shock. Very, very blissful shock. And in a moment of true geeky joy, I even got to meet Alan Lee. (The person introducing us told him that my novel would be published "sometime in the next few years". A nice way of putting it...)

Lots of parties, including the nicest one on Saturday night, when several people came over to the apartment we were sharing with friends (in the middle of Glasgow, a bit away from the convention center), and we got to have a really wonderful relaxing evening chatting with cool people we don't see nearly often enough. (The publishers' parties were fun too, but in a high-pressure, less-relaxing way.)

Ooh, and I have a new round of possible novel titles for the Fun Novel, all inspired by my gorgeous new necklace. What do you guys think of these ones?
Requiem of Shadows

Requiem of Angels

or just:



In a very nice surprise, we got home yesterday to find a story acceptance waiting for us: "Fire Magic", the high-fantasy, swordfighting, flirting, bantering story that Patrick and I co-wrote 3 years ago, while we were living in Vienna, will be published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue No. 22! Hurray. What a nice homecoming treat.

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