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Five-Minute Entry!
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Not much time to write--but I wanted to anyway! So here's a five-minute ramble.

Today's been particularly busy, for all (or mostly) good reasons. I went jogging first thing again, and for the first forty minutes, it felt fine. I was so smug about how well it was going! "Look at me, no problems..." Then on the last block, my jogging buddy challenged me to a race back home.

Well. The mature thing would have been to say, "No, I'd better not, I'm pretty wiped out..." But y'know, I've always had a knee-jerk competitive streak about ten miles wide, so instead, I raced, tied...and just about collapsed afterwards! Ohhhh, the pain.

Tomorrow my motto will be: Be a Grown-Up About What You Can't Do Yet. Oh well.

We had gorgeous take-out tonight, from Shabab's Restaurant (fantastic, very spicy Indian food with--score!--a 25% discount on all take-out orders, making it really reasonable) and apple strudel hot from the oven for dessert. Mmmm....pretty much my perfect meal.

Now if only I had gotten any writing done today...

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