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And more rain!
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Oof. It’s a dark, rainy day, and I’m sitting alone in my office (while the others are in a meeting). My mood has plummeted right along with the weather. It’s kind of embarrassing to be such a walking barometer. Oddly enough (to me, at least) skipping jogging this morning (partially because of the grim weather) seems to have hurt my mood instead of being the treat I thought it would be. I seem to be getting addicted to that early morning exercise--not something I ever expected for myself!

Oh well. I’m waiting eagerly (and very impatiently) to get my own contributor’s copy of Jabberwocky No. 1, so that I can see “Inside the Tower” in print. (And plus, everyone says that the Jabberwocky zine is just cute! So how could I resist?) And I saw a listing at the local theater for a play that I’m not going to even try to resist: Bronte, by Polly Teale. Talk about an idea aimed straight at me! It may be time for another Haworth visit, soon. Maybe after we see the play next month! I love living in Bronte Country. (Literally. Haworth is less than an hour’s drive from our house!)

I’m also getting tentatively psyched for my sudden and unexpected weekend trip to America next month. My best friend since the age of 2-1/2 is getting married, so of course I am going to be there, even though I can only get 4 days off work for it at the moment (and honestly can’t afford the plane flight…but what the heck). So it’ll be literally a flying visit, just long enough to see my parents and one of my brothers, attend the wedding and come straight home again! But hey, at least I’ll finally get to spend some unexpected time with my parents and see my cool philosophy-grad-student-bro’s apartment and local coffeeshops, and I really can’t wait to be at the wedding.

Time to get back to work now. Luckily, I’ve got a hot chocolate by my side!

Read/Post Comments (3)

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